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Layaway Policy

Consign It! Quality Consignments is proud to offer a layaway option to make it easier to get the quality things you want at a value packed price. 

Any item must be on our sales floor for 14 days before it is eligible to put on layaway. After 14 days, an item can be put on layaway with the following terms:

Items under $100.00 require a 50% down payment and the balance must be paid within 10 days.

Items over $100 require only a 25% deposit and a payment of 25% every 10 days.


An item priced at $179.00 + $9.85 tax = $188.85 will require 4 payments of $47.21 over 30 days.

* All payments/deposits are non-refundable. Missed payments result in forfeiture of item and payments/deposits.

* Layaway applies to individual items; less expensive items cannot be bundled together for a 30 day layaway rather than a 10 day layaway.

Example: Three $50.00 items adding up to $150.00 will not be considered a 30 day layaway. Instead, it would require require a 50% deposit and must be paid off within 10 days, just like any other layaway item under $100.00.

* Bulky layaway items may be stored off-site and we will require a 48 hour notice of pick up to ensure availability.  

Hold Policy

Consign It! will HOLD any item for a period of 3 hours without any deposit or commitment to allow travel time, measurements etc. This can be done by phone or at the store. 

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